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Briana DeShields fashion industry enthusiast is a studio producer and owner for The Model Wearhouse and an organizer and model for Runway Fest. Briana was born on January 24, 1991 in San Diego, California. She attended college in Southern California and is now located in Orlando, Florida.

One of Briana’s biggest passions is Runway Fest, a modeling event she helped organize. Briana tells TalentRaters that Runway Fest is much more than your average modeling event however. It is about bringing people in the industry together. Models, photographers, fashion designers, film and media producers, it is about networking and getting inspiration from like-minded people and positive energy all while enjoying music, live entertainment and good eats! Briana herself will walk as a model in Runway Fest this year. Runway Fest takes pride in a new, exciting and creative environment for fashion industry professionals and those who want to be in it.

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Briana says that her favorite kind of modeling is high fashion or commercial. Briana has a beautiful 18 month old baby boy named Jonah who is also already modeling and booking gigs, he lights up any room he’s in.  She also has an amazing big sister, Brandi and the coolest little brother, Timothy.

DeShields tells TalentRaters that she first realized her calling at her first runway show she directed called “pulse benefit”. She felt like she was in the right place watching so many talented and wonderful individuals all coming together for a great cause. Briana hopes to make a difference with her ownership in The Model Wearhouse and her work with Runway Fest.

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Briana’s biggest accomplishment to date is the opening of The Model Wearhouse. She also says that participating in New York Fashion Week for the past three years has been a huge highlight for her. Like any model, Briana maintains a strict routine of diet, sleep and exercise to stay fit. She says one of her biggest influences is the famous model and actress, Tyra Banks. Her advice to other aspiring models and those interested in the fashion industry is to “don’t get discouraged and find a group of like-minded individuals and vibe with them!”. Briana believes a positive attitude is definitely key in this industry.


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